About us

IP Software that works like you do


True to our motto “IP Software that works like you do”, we have been systematically designing new products and software solutions for over 30 years – always focussed on the needs of our customers. Our dynamic team consists of dedicated employees who have been using their experience and know-how – and above all their passion – every day for over 30 years to optimise your working processes with our Intellectual Property Management software and our services with lasting effect. We attach great importance to a good working relationship and good communication throughout the entire team.

In our 15 minute “Dailies” at our Kanban board, we swap current information and insights and together draw up solutions to ongoing assignments. Our customers are also the beneficiaries of this system. Our slogan “... and the work flows ...” is our guiding maxim in our daily actions and it summarises our philosophy in a nutshell. This is our promise to you: professional project handling and a highly dedicated team.


Our story


A vision takes shape

In collaboration with Prof. Bartmann and the law firm of Louis, Pöhlau & Segeth in Nürnberg, Christian Kramer begins an academic thesis on the subject of software for managing property rights.

The foundation stone

GSI GmbH founded and commercial marketing of our first product PATSYS.

The breakthrough

The first major overall project is awarded by the law firm Kuhnen, Wacker & Partner, Freising.

Windows development

Start of Windows development with the systematic use of object-oriented methods and concepts.

Market launch of WiNPAT

A modern, Windows-based IP management software is offered by GSI. The systematic use of object-oriented methods makes WiNPAT a strong product.

WiNPAT Portal

With the WiNPAT Portal, customers now have access to a powerful portal solution. WiNPAT 5, a further milestone, is launched.

Development of a generic platform

TIVITY is founded as a sister company to GSI. It develops a Low Coding Platform on the basis of .NET on which GSI creates its new IP Management software.

Launch of IP Now

GSI launches IP Now, a cloud-based software solution for IP management.