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IP Now - the all-round web
solution for your optimised
IP management

IP Management Software IP Now
IP Management Software Patentverwaltung Software IP Now

Are you looking for a fast “out of the box” IP management software for your team? With the highest level of security and all the functions required for global collaboration and the central management of your trademarks, patents and designs?




IP Now was created from 30 years of experience in the administration and management of Intellectual Property. But IP Now is more than professional web-based IP management software. 

IP Now has files, automatic terms, documents, form letters – everything an IP management system needs. It also allows you a totally new form of collaboration and communication by integrating chat, notifications and tasks.

IP Now is available as cloud and on-premise version, so you can install and run it in your intranet.

IP Now reflects your business processes even better and more simply – regardless of whether you’re a law firm or an industrial company.   

IP Now - the web solution
for your IP management


IP Now supports the work of all those involved in the IP process.
Our networked apps ensure that you can quickly access your files, documents or terms and complete your tasks. And from there, you can of course reach all further data and information of relevance in the system. Discover a completely new, simple way of navigating through your sea of property rights.

A client-independent web solution with no maintenance or installation expenses
Optimum support for your work with documents
Targeted performance of your work with the help of appropriate apps
IP Management Software IP Now Patentverwaltungssoftware
Integration of various communication channels with the whole system
IP management: hosted, made and serviced in Germany
Continuous expansion of functions through agile software development

In the process, we guarantee that your data and
documents will be handled securely through:

  • operating in a German data centre with the relevant certificate ISO27001
  • regular penetration tests by an external company
  • a separate database per IP Now customer
  • encrypted client server communication with https
  • encryption of password with AES
  • assignment of processing rights per user depending on the task
  • automatic audit trail for all activities



Discover how IP Now can help you to manage your intellectual property rights






ip management software


Networked apps for targeted access to files, documents, terms or tasks. Depending on the task at hand and your current focus, it’s easy to get into IP Now quickly and navigate to the next topic.
files patent management software


Trademarks, patents and designs for national, international and regional procedures. General files for managing contracts, research results, etc.
Clear structure based on status of procedure and information categories.
IP Now patent management software


Manual and automatic generation of terms in the files.
Statutory terms and official dates in Germany, Europe and the world.
Clear presentation of terms in the Terms app. Direct access from the term to the file or document.
tasks ip management


Manual and automatic generation of tasks for files, documents or terms. Clear presentation of tasks via Kanban or timeline in the Tasks app. Direct access from the task to the file or document.
doucuments patent management system


Generation of documents from the file and assignment of existing documents to a file by drag & drop.
Easy processing of documents without downloading them beforehand (WebDAV). Bookmarks and annotations shown in the document.
10 gigabytes of memory for documents per person and licence included in the basic price.
search ip management software


Many search options such as full text search in all documents, general search across all database contents or app-specific search of files, documents, etc.
ip management document system


Simple document management system with versioning of documents. Avoidance of storage conflicts in multi-user operation through checkout function.
email ip management software


Generation of an email for a file, versioned processing of email drafts, despatch via Exchange or IMAP with automatic saving with the file.­ Inclusion of your own mailbox via Exchange or IMAP in order to allocate copies of incoming emails to a file on the basis of their reference or manually.
online filing patent management system

Online Filing

Interfaces with German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA) and EPA for electronic registration.
chat ip management software


Real-time communication on the case with the chance to define different groups per case from IP Now. Older chats also remain available via the file.
ip management system


Notification of people about new tasks or enquiries about files / documents / terms. Option to select how frequently and via what channel (within IP Now and/or by email) the notification is to be sent.
open patent service


Interface with Open Patent Service to download PDF documents and save them with files.
contacts app ip now ip management software


Administration of legal entities and natural persons in the Contacts app with the opportunity to save different addresses and roles for them.
workflows ip management software


Automatic generation of terms or form letters from the system.
webbased ip management software


No need to install software on your PC / tablet if browser (Chrome / Firefox) and software for processing documents (Word, Adobe Acrobat, etc.) are available.
reporting ip management system


Generation and storage of surveys of the entire data pool by means of the Reporting app. Sharing of your own reports with other users.
ip management system ip now


Dashboards from pre-defined elements of tables and charts.
IP management software ip now


Interface language of German or English can be set for each user. Recipient’s language taken into account when generating documents or emails.
ip management software


Pre-defined roles for relevant activities can be specifically assigned to particular users.
ip management system


Generation of emails or Word documents on the basis of templates which can be adapted to fit specific clients.




Manage outgoing and incoming invoice. Create invoice for a file and automatically mail it to invoicing recipient. Create invoice item from files assigned recorded services and calculate item price based on price per unit.


Record services and assigned to a file (Patent, Trademark, Design, …). Input service duration and actual effort spent. Mark services as billable or non-billable and more.


Create tasks and terms for inventor remuneration activities. Quick view of unsettled terms. Calculate remuneration based on turnover or use the flat rule.
2-factor Authentication


Provides the modern and secure authentication mechanism. If 2-factor authentication is enabled for your account. You will be prompted to provide a code which would have being sent to your mobile phone per SMS. Your mobile phone number is a requirement to use this authentication mechanism.

PAVIS Connect 

Online interface with the PAVIS web server with real-time visualisation of file status.


Company-wide platform for inventors to submit their invention disclosures and provide information on their status.
Special portals


Setup additional Portals for sharing documents, files and selected artefacts with your clients or external contributors. Tell us your requirements and we provide the solution with IP Now.


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