You can apply to join us on your own initiative at any time. We look forward to your spontaneous application.

Easy to get to

80% come to GSI by public transport. We are easy to reach by S-Bahn and bus.


90% of us cook and eat together at lunchtime. There are also several places to eat reachable on foot.

Female percentage

Almost 50% in our team are women. This means we have a fairly high proportion for a software company.

Coffee or tea, if you please?

70% prefer coffee to tea. GSI provides both free of charge.

Home Office

Working in your home office is not the rule in our company but 100% possible from time to time.

Skat, table football or yoga?

Some like to play a few hands of Skat after lunch. We also have table football and yoga is sometimes offered.

Make a contribution and grow

You can saddle up your IT knowledge and get to know the user’s perspective of the complex subject of Intellectual Property.

We are broad-based company

We are a relatively small, innovative company with jobs offering both breadth – depending on the talent strengths of the employee.

Agile and modern

We work in a modern, barrier-free and spacious office with agile methods such as Kanban and Scrum.

IP Management Systems   We are who we are, and you are you anyway - and it’s always been that way.