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We have been looking after IP management software to optimise work processes for the administration of all property rights such as trademarks, patents and designs for over 30 years. You, too, can trust our solutions from experts for experts.


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Our IP management software solutions


GSI Office Management GmbH headquartered in Munich offers software that lives up to the motto "IP Software that works like you do" and always focuses on the needs of our customers. With our flexible, modular products, we can individually map your work processes for managing all property rights such as trademarks, patents, designs, whether law firm or industrial company – large or small. Our extensive IP know-how and years of experience in implementing customer wishes and statutory requirements represent the ideal foundation for doing so.


Logo IP Management Software IP Now


The web solution
for your IP management


Are you looking for a fast “out of the box” solution for your team? With the highest level of security and all the functions required for global collaboration and the central processing and management of your industrial property rights?


More information about IP Now


Logo Patentverwaltungssoftware Winpat


The client server solution  
for your IP management


With our patent and trademark administration software WiNPAT, you do not have to make any compromises. WiNPAT maps all business processes of an IP law firm or IP department in a flexible, scalable and individually adaptable way.


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Here's what our clients have to say

  • "IP Now is the patent management software with an integrated home office. As IP Now users, we only need an internet connection to be fully operational - regardless of location and platform. Since IP Now is a cloud solution, we do not have to hold available or maintain any hardware. And no worries regarding updates, backups, etc."
  • "With IP Now, we are finally making our structures as agile as we have always wanted them to be."
  • "The excellent service line guarantees competent support at all times."
  • "I've been working with WiNPAT for nearly ten years. It's amazing how harmoniously the system adapts to both a one-man department and a larger department with complex processes. I can only recommend WiNPAT to everyone."
  • "A very professional project management and a very dedicated team have made our WiNPAT introductory project a very positive experience for us."
  • “Our legal firm has been working reliably with GSI’s WiNPAT database for many years. Anyone who has already worked with a database to manage property rights and gets to know WiNPAT for the first time, will appreciate it immediately. It is a very well structured and easy-to-grasp database. It has many useful functions across the board which enable customers to work efficiently in the management of property rights.”
  • “Our firm was one of GSI’s very first customers. Every day we discover anew how correct and far-sighted this decision to opt for GSI was on the part of our founders. Since that day, we have carried out countless projects with GSI in optimising the processes within our firm. In the process, we have always been able to rely on the outstanding know-how of GSI’s experts. The lofty claim “WiNPAT - and the work flows” is impressively confirmed in our firm. I can warmly recommend WiNPAT to all my colleagues.”
  • "Siegenia-Aubi has been successfully using WiNPAT for many years and we feel that WiNPAT is a solution that reduces workload and does not generate additional effort. We use WiNPAT to handle all processes for two companies, from the invention disclosure to the intellectual property task. We use optimal process maps according to our internal processes and needs. The document management and internal cost allocation is almost perfect and we were able to flexibly design the document generation according to our ideas."
  • "The introduction was pleasingly unproblematic. We worked with WiNPAT practically from the first moment, everyone in the department. The GSI software is a must, especially because it also makes working with our lawyers easier."


IP management software for experts from experts. You, too, can trust our software solutions for processing and managing all property rights such as trademarks, patents and designs – for law firms or industrial companies, large or small.


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